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Sadly, we do not hold records of individual soldiers who served in the Regiment. However, you may find this link useful.

Depositories of officers and soldiers records have changed recently. You are strongly recommended to follow the above link for further direction and information.

As our Museum employs only a small number of staff, it is unfortunately not always possible for us to answer general queries relating to The Royal Dragoon Guards. A small research fee will usually be requested for certain information. However, if you have any items relating to the Regiment, we would be pleased to hear from you.

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Hello, my father served in the 4th/7th from 1956 until 1977. I know some details of his service history, like where he was stationed, and I know he has recieved medals etc but unfortunately my dad has recently passed away and he suffered with his memory and somethings he would not discuss with me, as I am much younger than my siblings. My query is, who would I be able to contact if I wanted to research my dads army history? I feel i shoukd mention my mum passed away 6 years ago and so I am unable to get info from my family. Thank you.

Sarah Bufton


My Uncle was in the RDG (4th/7th Royal Dragoon Guards) in the early to mid 60's. He was stationed in Germany during his national service but stayed on afterwards.
Due to his background in civvy street he was given the task of looking after the regiments racehorses. This is all I know about his time in the army can anyone help with where he may have been or does anyone know about the racehorses.
I have a photo of him in uniform sat on one of the horses called SOLANI.

Trevor Thompson


I have an artifact from the Boer War that has been in my family for some years. It is a horse's hoof, plus shoe, that bears a brass plaque with the inscription that it is the hoof from the last grey troop horse to be killed in South Africa 1901 ( the Boer War). I have been trying to ascertain to which regiment this horse belonged. I was wondering if you may be in possession of regimental records that might cast some light on this or if you have any ideas.
In addition, if it would be an item you would like to add to your collection, I would very much like it to find it's way back to a museum or regimental collection.
Thank you any help you may be able to offer. Respectfully, Susan Tapia

Susan Richardson-Tapia


Looking for contact info of your curator concerning possible donation of historical photos of 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guard Major killed in WW2. The photos I believe are of some historical interest; post-humous MC awarded. He has no surviving family so no one to give the photos too.




I know that I, or one of my volunteers, have contacted you recently requesting more leaflets and that you are awaiting a reprint.
I wanted to let you know that whilst the Hidden Secrets leaflets have arrived, I only have a limited supply - and when they are gone I will not have any leaflets for the York Army Museum. If you are able to let me have any of your Hidden Secrets leaflets in the meantime, that would be very helpful.



Joyanne Ball


greetings from australia

Looking for an ancester, could have been in the 3rd or 5th DRAGOON GAURDS in ww1. Served 1914 to 1918. 2nd Lt rising to Capt HENRY ALFRED GRIMSHAW born 1893 . Two addresses know
High Bank House, Grafton, Hereford and Luddington House, Egham, Surrey.
Relatives mother Kate Grimshaw father deceased George Henry Grimshaw, uncle Joseph Stanfield Grimshaw.

Could you assist in confirming any of the above information or supply information.

In any event best Regards
Norm Grimshaw

norman grimshaw


I am presently writing a book for the 70th Anniversary of D Day and was wondering if you have any interesting articlesm diary entried, war diaries or photographs you would permit me to use. I live in Portsmouth and am planning a trip to the Green Howards Museum who have kindly offered to help and it would be useful if I could visit you both on the same trip.
If I made an appointment would you be able to help me please? I am more than happy to dig through archives.
I look forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards

Lorie Coffey

Lorie Coffey


Hello hope everybody is ok up in york. I am just wondering why i have not recived a regimental newsletter or news about the regiment for a long time. I hope you let me know and help.

colin butler


Hi Alan, commented yesyterday about the half mast badge but when I opend the website on my home computer it was fully enlarged. I put this down to the MoD still using IE6. Apologies. Fred

Fred Hall


Hi, my grandfather was a former member of the 5 royal inniskilling dragoon guards and upon his passing away I was left his former uniform, I would be very grateful if you would be able to provide me with any information about means of preserving it in some kind of display case, I was wondering if yourselves used any such company for preserving your museum pieces? Any information you could provide me would be greatly appreciated, Regards Mr R Hall

Mr Russell Hall


My father was an officer in the 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards during WW1. Among his many items was an Easter card from the 4th RIDG to the 4th Dragoons of the line of the Russian Army. Would you be interested in it? I will mail it to you if interested.
I also served in the 4th/7th from 1950 to 1952
I live in the USA

Montague H. Chapin


The regimental badge should be shown fully not half mast

fred Hall


How do i get in contact with the Col of the regt Brig J Torrence-Spence Ref a subject abut my 22yr presentation.And also Maj G.Green the Regt Sec.on the same matter,

E haley.