Captain John Norwood, VC - RDG Museum

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Captain John Norwood, VC - RDG Museum

Captain John Norwood, VC

John Norwood joined the 5th (Princess Charlotte of Wales') Dragoon Guards on February 8th, 1899, serving in South Africa with them through the Second Boer War. On October 30th, 1899, then-Lieutenant Norwood, with a small patrol from the 5th Dragoon Guards, came under fire from Boer forces positioned on a ridge some 600 yards away. As the outgunned patrol retired at speed, one of their number was brought down by Boer fire. Norwood reversed his course, galloped back through the Boer fire, dismounted, and led his horse with one hand while carrying the wounded Private, in spite of the Boer forces' ongoing and accurate fire; it was this action that led to his being awarded the Victoria Cross.

Promoted to a Captaincy, Norwood was recalled from the Reserve in 1914, and killed in September, 1914, while serving once again with the 5th Dragoon Guards in Belgium.

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