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Regular Donations - RDG Museum

Regular Donations

Rather than making a single gift, some may prefer to make a series of gifts over a period of years.  These regular donations, for example by Standing Order, can also be covered under the above Gift Aid Scheme and are equally welcome. You can make a regular donation by completing the Donations Form and Standing Order Form, and returning both to Home Headquarters.

Like single donations, the value of regular donations to the Museum or Association can be considerably enhanced through Gift Aid.

Please contact the Regimental Secretary if you require further information to set up a regular arrangement.

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Not found: A Standing Order Instruction Form to Bank/Building Society:

I followed the link and printed off the Donation and Gift Aid form off the website. I filled in the Regular Giving section, which says that "A completed instruction to my Bank/Building Society Branch is enclosed". But a Standing Order (SO) instruction is not attached to this document to be filled out, nor does one appear to be anywhere else on the Donations section.

Please can you add a SO instruction form on the website? May I suggest that this includes the ability to state the date or day each month/quarter/year that a donation can be made, so that donors can better manage their personal cash flow relative to their respective pay dates, etc.

Tristram Mayhew